"New Day" is the first solo album of Mario Percudani.

After the work with Hungryheart and the blues band project Blueville, Mario Percudani shows his intimate world with these ten songs, proving his great personality and his artistic maturity.

By listening to "New Day" we can absorb a music which is a bridge between the best American traditional Songwriters with a Blues influence, crossed with the West Coast feeling and the European melodies, transformed through sweet and catchy timeless songs.

Produced by Marco Tansini and Mario Percudani
Recorded and at Pacific Studio, Codogno (Italy) using Pro Tools System
Mixed by Marco Tansini
Mastered by Greg Calbi - Sterling Sound, New York City

Track List:
1) In My Old Shoes (Percudani)
2) Don't Bother Me (Percudani)
3) You Can Run (Percudani - Tansini)
4) Scarlet (Tansini)
5) Tears On The Water (Percudani)
6) All Over (Percudani - Tansini)
7) New Day (Percudani)
8) Standing In The Pouring Rain (Percudani)
9) I'll Be There For You (Percudani)
10) God Bless The Child (Holiday - Herzog)

Mario Percudani: Lead Vocal, Guitars, Dobro, Lap Steel Guitar and Background Vocals
Marco Tansini: Guitars, Electric Piano and Background Vocals
Gianni Grecchi: Bass
Angelo Roveda: Drums
Elisa Paganelli: Background Vocals
Piero Bassini: Acoustic Piano on track 10
Gianni Satta: Horn and Trumpet on track 10
Barbara Boffelli: Background Vocals on tracks 1 and 3

Mario Percudani was born in a small town near Lodi, Italy.

He began to play the guitar at the age of seven and by the time he was ten he had already performed before large audiences at local events and tourist resorts.

Soon, his passion for American music inspired him to form his first band, Keys of Desire allowing him to unleash his innate talent for song writing for the very first time.

In 1997 Mario founded another band, the Hungryheart , whose numerous performances on the club scene of Northern Italy earned them huge popularity and a gig as the supporting act on tours with some international bands.

Motivated by the very positive response they receive from the public, the band decides to record their first album at the Elfo Studios in Piacenza.

Although originally meant for a worldwide distribution by a famous italian Label, the album doesn't materialize until much later and it is eventually released by Tanzan Music in 2008.

30 apr
Big Sur
Wine Bar Castello, h 21:30

Caselle Landi (LO), Italy
03 may
Frontiers Rock Festival

Trezzo d'Adda (MI), Italy
15 may
Officina Tanzan
Art Cafè, h 21:30

Ospedaletto Lodigiano (LO), Italy
24 may
Giulio Garghentini

Codogno (LO), Italy
30 may

02 jul
Concerto Tanzan Music Academy
MusicSport Festival, h 22:00

Codogno (LO), Italy
05 jul
Giulio Garghentini
MusicSport Festival, h 22:00

Codogno (LO), Italy
06 jul
Big Sur
MusicSport Festival, h 22:00

Codogno (LO), Italy
22 nov
Club 3T, h 22:30

Cremona, Italy

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2010 "One Ticket To Paradise" (Hungryheart - Tanzan Music/Fastball/Sony Music)
2010 "New Day" (Mario Percudani - Tanzan Music/Bob Media /Sony Music)
2008 "Hungryheart" (Hungryheart - Tanzan Music)

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2012: "Live in Sweden" – DVD (Axe)

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